View Subfloor Preparation Products

Adesilex G19 10KG

Two component internal/external adhesive

Eco Fix

Pressure sensitive adhesive

Eco Prim T

Water based primer

Eco Tack

High coverage tackifier

Eco VS90

Truly multipurpose adhesive.


Oil tempered 4x2 hardboard

Latexplan Trade

2 part latex screed

Latexplan Trade FAST

Quick drying ,covers a range of subfloors


Two component, anti-slip polyurethane finish for LVT

Mapecoat 4 LVT

Provides a non slip finish

Mapei One Coat DPM

One coat liquid DPM system

PlaniPrep Skim Coat

Patching compound for subloors

PlaniTop Smooth + Repair

Repair Mortar


Malayan plwood, 8x4 and 4x2 sheets.

Screedmaster 2 Ultimate

2 part latex screed, suitable over bitumen

Screedmaster Speed

quick setting screed


Fitter friendly aerosol spray adhesive


Multi-Purpose Two Part Smoothing Compound

Ultrabond Eco 4 LVT

Fibre-reinforced high temperature LVT adhesive

Ultraplan Eco Screed

Waterbased screed

Ultraplan Renovation Screed

Screed suitable for wood, concrete, terazzo + stone