Terms Of Trading

1. Credit accounts will only be provided to trade customers whose status is approved by the Company and usually only to registered traders operating from a bona fide retail or other commercial premises. Request for credit account must be accompanied with at least two trade references together with a banker's reference. All customers wishing to trade with the Company until satisfactory references have been provided will be invoiced on a cash or pro-forma basis. Pro-forma meaning cleared pre-payment.

2. All goods invoiced to approved credit accounts from the 1st to 31st of the month are due for payment at the very latest by 20th of the following month. Any accounts outstanding after the 20th become overdue and are no longer eligible for settlement discount. Also, any promotional / quantity discounts which have been conceded will be disallowed and will be charged out on a separate invoice. Where goods have been supplied as "cuts at roll price" the difference between the cut and roll price will be invoiced and these amounts will be added to the overdue account, and interest will be charged at 2% per month. In addition, a service and administration charge will also fall due on whatever grossed up amounts remain due to the Company beyond the previously agreed payment date. No extension of the Company's stated period of credit can or will be agreed under any circumstances. All accounts unpaid by the due date will have supplies suspended. Company policy is to impose a charge of £17.50 for any cheque issued to the Company which fails to clear on first presentation, and a further £17.50 for any subsequent presentation of uncleared cheques, £25 charge for any cheques returned R.D.

3. All prices for goods listed on trade price lists or otherwise supplied by the Company are offered on the strict condition that they are subject to alteration without prior notice and accordingly all orders are accepted on the understanding that they will be supplied at the trade prices ruling at the date of despatch or delivery.

4. All orders are accepted by the Company on the express condition that they cannot be cancelled once cut, loaded or dispatched. This condition applies equally to stock and special order goods. All non linear items that have been ordered/invoiced and delivered to customers cannot be returned to stock due to any customer error.

5. Claims for damage or shortage will not be considered unless written notification is received by the Company or it's appointed carriers within seven days from the date of delivery/collection.

6. Complaints on goods or materials will not be accepted once cut, damaged, laid or fitted. All goods must be thoroughly inspected before being fitted as it is a clear condition of trading that onus is upon the customer to ensure the material is free from all faults, flaws, soiling or other damages. In such circumstances where a complaint arises which the Company considers worthy of an on site inspection, this will be carried out without prejudice to the Company's position.

7. Under no circumstances whatever will the Company accept responsibility for labour charges arising for goods which have been subject to complaint.

8.The title of any goods supplied by the Company shall not be deemed to have passed unless payment has been made of the full contract price. Any such goods may be sold in the ordinary course of business but the proceeds of such a sale must be held on trust for and to the account of the Company pending payment to the Company of all sums or debts outstanding or owing to the Company. In the case of non-payment the Company shall be entitled to repossess or trace the said goods or the proceeds of the sale thereof either in your hands or in the hands of any liquidator or receiver.

9. Pattern books, swatches and other promotional materials are supplied on loan and at all times remain the property of the Company, but are subject to recall without prior notice at any time. Pattern books which become cut, damaged or mutilated in any way will be charged for the full current replacement cost. Acceptance of our books will be acceptance of our terms and conditions under which they are issued on free loan.

10. We record all telephone conversations for training and monitoring purposes. We also reserve the right to use these recordings to aid resolution of any disputes that may arise.

11. Pictures listed on this website are for a guideline only and we will not accept any complaints on goods ordered that appear different to the images shown on our website.

12. We reserve the right for orders of less than £30 to delay delivery until our van is next in the area.

13. We reserve the right to make a charge for re-delivery when we have attempted to deliver goods to a customer as requested, but we were unable to do so because the delivery was refused or could not be made as access was denied.

14. Where repayment is requested when a customer has overpaid, there will be a £5 admin charge journelled onto the account.