June is bringing us lots of new products, Noble Collection is being launched at the moment, another winner replacing the original with some new best selling colours added, price is the same as all the other "Nobles" competitive and keen, good value for money.

Mammoth is the new kid out the block, 68oz saxony 4m width excellent colour bank, from the same family as Husky our top selling PP own brand , so no price cutting needed, as looking through the internet customer will not be able to buy or trace it.

Coming next week FINALLY Groovy and Groovy Tiles, vinyl that looks as good as LVT but so much cheaper, phone your rep get on the list for books as limited books available, in stock in 2m/3m/4m

Lots more coming for July.

Going out Pembridge being replaced with Pembridge Heathers Country Collection has now been dropped, and we are awaiting the new colours in Saturn and Venus,

New Year 2019 our 50th Anniversary Year.

To celebrate 50 years in flooring, we are offering our customers some excellent deals.

Each month we will pick one or two products and offer an EXCELLENT promotion.

January is the turn of Gala Cord, check out with your rep, or our recent flyer.

Feburary will be some of the Lano ranges! Watch out for the deals!!