Each rep has 3 hudl tablets to give away, to a customer that sells*

  • The most sqm overall
  • The most sqm of wool carpet
  • The most sqm of polyprop carpet

Please note that one customer can only win one prize. This promotion runs from 1st February to the 31st of May 2014, purchasing the following products gains you automatic entry, you don't need to do any paperwork, just get selling!

  • Options
  • Sisal Weave
  • Imperial Velvet
  • Strathmore
  • Natural Style
  • EasiCare Morton
  • EasiCare Heartland
  • EasiCare Saxony
  • EasiCare Deep Sensations




With the relocation of the manufacturing plant at Victoria Carpets, they have taken this as an opportunity to make some upgrades to their famous "Lochweave" backing. It will appear the same as the old backing, but will be ever so slightly different. All of their products will eventually move over to this new backing and their will evidently be a cross over period when some products will be on the new backing and some products coming through on the old backing. The new backing is called "Loc-Bac" and we have attached the press release from Victoria Carpets containing more information, you can view it here: Loc-Bac press release