We have been advised Grandeur from Lano is being withdrawn, we do have stocks of most colours but best to check with the office before committing on any sales.

Sisalweave from Victoria, they have changed their yarn spinners on this range and some of the colours are slightly different, We have decided to pull in all our pattern books, but we do have Victoria books here if any customer wants to sell the range. It is not being discontinued but we cannot guarantee good colour match from our pattern book, to what will be supplied.

Apologies for any problems this may cause.

Victoria has launched their new 2 ply PP soft touch twist that has a very innovative colour pallet. Orders already been taken on this excellent product. We have in stock the 4m with 5m available within a week (subject to stock)

Options is changing its being renamed to Victoria Twist, they are dropping the 32 oz and adding some stripes. The construction is staying the same. Colours moving over into the new range are listed with their new names:-

Flapjack- Sandtrap/Mid Flapjack - Springtan/Oyster - Gypsum Sand/Salmon - Birchwood Beige/Nougat - Chiffon/LightIvory - Cool Ivory/Mid Ivory - Ashley Taupe/Light Flapjack- Light Honey/Acorn Heather - Goldenglow/Cane Heather - Beach hut/Dune Heather - Gobi Dune/Platinum Heather - Vista.

The addition of the stripes in 100% Loop pile, give this range a lift and freshens up the colour pallette, New books now in