Our new felt back vinyl Luxifloor pattern books have arrived

Our Venus range is being updated and some colours are being dropped, these are Palmero 533, Peru 534, Peru 536, Tibet 591, Trento 507 and Trento 597. They are being replaced with some new, modern designs. The new books will be labelled as Venus XL and are due early September, keen price still remains.


Saturn is being updated in the New Year into two ranges Saturn XL and Saturn Woods. The following colours are being phased out Duranago 535, Equador 532, Forest 548, Galerie 503, Galerie 599, Nemo 501, Picasso 502, Rocky 531, Sahara 535 and Vita 545. New books will be available end of January next year.

Saturn and Venus are being replaced by Neptune and Pluto, the reps are coming round with the new books, some of the designs have moved over, and we have added some more up to date colours/designs making these new ranges outstanding value.