We have just received are new Heathertwist books, this range now features a 40oz (Supreme quality) and a 50oz (Elite quality). It offers great value and quality for the money and we are sure its going to be flying of the shelves if the old range was anything to go by, your reps are on the way round with the books, but if you are desperate give them a ring and I'm sure they can work something out for you.

Need a gel back cut pile impervious carpet?? Well choose Forum from Lano, our newest edition. Ask your rep for a book or A4, stock due to us Friday 27th Feb

We have just heard that Portman the felt back PP twist from Lano has been discontinued, we do have 70% of all colours still in stock but best to check with the office first if using the book

Finally the changes have been agreed and we are expecting our books within 2-3 weeks.

Colours staying Natural Wicker, Malt Chocolate, Sable, Urban Obession, Egyptian Cotton and Ivory.

We are stocking 4m Freedom 5m to order. Super Freedom to order, special orders normally take approx 7 days.

25 year Wear Guarantee.