We have a recolouration of the very popular Rio vinyl this month, Rio XL which has some very unique and popular new designs. Coming soon is a brand new vinyl which is called Groovy Wood which has a groove in, giving the appearance of real wood, at an excellent price. With an R11 rating. This is an excellent product and we have a waiting list for customers desperate for the books. 

The Easter promotion went very well and we supplied over 250 free Easter Eggs !!!!


March has started with a Bang, we have loads going out this month, from Victoria, we have the Celestial books, we are stocking the 70oz in 4m and the 5m and 55oz are special order, excellent polyster yarn, meaning more hardwearing with the standard 10 year stain and wear warranties, and the Wentworth Twist book on the budget end 4m wide excellent best selling colours in 4m only.

From Lano we have their new Fairfield Creations, stocking in 4m wide, with the 5m available to special order, a few stripes in 4m that enchance the range.

Adding to the already successful range of Husky Twist and Plain in a new edition of Husky Extra, this is some of the best selling colours of the other two ranges plus loads of the colour of the moment GREY.

Dublin Twist has been recoloured only one colour moving over, so we have a new colour pallette in all the options 4m/5m felt and s/b

Phew !!! A lot for one month, loads more to come.!!



Phil Gozzard has joined us taking over Adam Ayling, the telephone number remains the same, if you require any books, sampling or a bit of help just give him a ring he will be please to help 07973 406799 covering parts of Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset and IOW

Apollo Plus has been recoloured and the new colour selection has a vast choice, including the ever popular greys. The reps are going round at present updating everyone.

Undyed 100% wool loop is a growing market, and we are stocking a new range called Natures Fleece 4 ply chunky Loop 4m to stock 5m to order, the stock is in, and the reps are going round at present with the books, if you think it fits the bill and you have not had a book yet, just give your rep a call

Heritage Heathers Luxury is in the top 5 of our best selling ranges with its 20 year Stain warranty,15 year wear warranty, will be even more popular now that have added some more colours, greys and cream, nothing is going, so the old books are still current.

Watch this space for more ranges, Fairfield Creation, Cashmere Collection, from Lano, Wentworth and Celestial from Victoria, Sensations Heathers, new colours and they are adding the Feeling to this. Plus two more vinyls with a groove, so realistic you would think it is real wood. 


It is with many mixed emotions we are leting you know that Adam Ayling has decided to leave Solent after more than 20 happy and successful years of looking after his customers in our 'western area'. We are sad to see him leave, but at the same time pleased and excited to see him start his new career, joining his wife in their flooring business in Poole. 
Adam will be with us until Christmas, so he will do his best to get round and see everyone before he leaves. In the meantime, we shall start looking for someone to replace him in the New year.
We are sure that you would like to join us in wishing them both every success for the future.

Things are starting to hot up for Xmas, our underlay sales have gone through the roof, as well as being one of the most competitive underlay suppliers, for Ball and Young and Interfloor, we have a super knock down price on Cosi 8mm/10mm up until Xmas.

We are also launching Cormars new Apollo Elite which is tapping into the success of the Apollo but being a 40oz this is very good value with a 10 year wear and Stain guarantee. 2ply yarn giving it the extra hard wearing qualities that we come to expect from Cormar Carpets.

Coming soon is Natures Fleece a 4 ply undyed yarn chunky loop 4m from stock 5m to order. 

Think of us as your one stop shop, carpet,vinyl,underlay, accessories,glue,screed,lvt,laminate,doormats etc etc Here to help


Autumn Ranges:

We are tapping into the success of Soft Focus, with Soft Focus Heathers from Cormar with the 10 year stain warranty. Books and stock now in.

Noirtex is our new heavy duty domestic black felt vinyl stocking in 2m/3m/4m and it is flying off the shelf, call your rep for a sample book today

 Brockways new range LIndgale is a sure fire winner in two weights 40/50 stocked in 4m wide.

New version of the Ceramic Choices is Classic Choices, books in and being distributed. 40% of the range is staying and there are some brand new excellent new designs, as always 2m/3m/4m in stock.