This month we have the launch of the NEW Dimensions Heather and Plains, more up to date colours have been added alongside the best sellers. In stock 50oz, 40oz to order, they have dropped the 60oz and are bring out a stand along range to cover this weight.  

WINNER ALERT !! Burford Twist from Victoria is going to be our NEW best seller in 80% Wool Twist 50oz, get a rep to drop a book in soon, as its a smasher with a excellent price tag..

Saturn and Venus are being updated, and the new ranges to replace them are Pluto and Neptune, due in a few weeks, the SATURN WOODS IS NOT CHANGING.


Victoria Carpets have added a Saxony to the Wentworth collection and we are swapping all the books over, stock already in and the best news of all is that there is a price DECREASE on this and on Celestial and Heartland collection with immediate affect. Good news for a change on pricing.!

New Home Counties Plains Collection is here, excellent new colour bank with loads of the Greys, bringing it up to date with the colours of the moment. The selection is fabulous, get a new book from your Rep now. Stock for the new colours is going to be in September.

Apollo Comfort, from the stable of the Apollo ranges, Cormar launch their new Saxony, all in stock in 4m wide with the usual 10 wear and stain warranty 2 ply yarn bleach cleanable with a keen price.


Mammoth, exactly what it sounds like, big chunky saxony 68oz, loads of greys 4m wide from the same stable as Husky Twist, and not available on an internet search so exclusive to you, in stock NOW

Cormars Apollo Comfort 2 ply PP 42oz saxony, as always with Cormar excellent colour bank and keen price, stock due in August.

Coming up watch our for Toronto, Cordoba and Brisbane, more news on these to follow.

Warning All PU metals and gripper, going up 1st September, get your orders in to avoid the increase up to 7.5% on some products


Its now been recolours and we have in stock in 4m Millenium Twist. A best seller for Millenium Weaver, now they have updated it and loads of best selling greys we decided to take it in to join the party of best selling products.

Its started well , if you need a book contact the rep, we are stocking 4m and keeping some of the best selling colours in 5m. Our price is so keen, check you are not paying over the odds with other wholesalers.

June is bringing us lots of new products, Noble Collection is being launched at the moment, another winner replacing the original with some new best selling colours added, price is the same as all the other "Nobles" competitive and keen, good value for money.

Mammoth is the new kid out the block, 68oz saxony 4m width excellent colour bank, from the same family as Husky our top selling PP own brand , so no price cutting needed, as looking through the internet customer will not be able to buy or trace it.

Coming next week FINALLY Groovy and Groovy Tiles, vinyl that looks as good as LVT but so much cheaper, phone your rep get on the list for books as limited books available, in stock in 2m/3m/4m

Lots more coming for July.

Going out Pembridge being replaced with Pembridge Heathers Country Collection has now been dropped, and we are awaiting the new colours in Saturn and Venus,

We have a recolouration of the very popular Rio vinyl this month, Rio XL which has some very unique and popular new designs. Coming soon is a brand new vinyl which is called Groovy Wood which has a groove in, giving the appearance of real wood, at an excellent price. With an R11 rating. This is an excellent product and we have a waiting list for customers desperate for the books. 

The Easter promotion went very well and we supplied over 250 free Easter Eggs !!!!